Queen Alexandra’s bedroom in Malborough House. 1912

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I passed out again.

Before I passed out I smelled this crazy strong scent of metal. Just like liquified metal, my ears started to ring and I got goosebumps. I sat down on my bed because I was really confused and freaked out and then I just got shaky. My hands and fingers kept twitching and I could see them doing it, I was aware that they were doing it, but I couldn’t fucking control it. I couldn’t control what my hand was doing and then my legs started doing the same fucking thing. I tried to call for my mom, but nope. I couldn’t. I wanted to yell the word “Mom” and I couldn’t. I couldn’t open my fucking mouth or make a sound. Then I must have passed out because I remember just coming back into consciousness, laying on my bed.

I’m so scared.

I don’t understand what caused this to happen.

It can’t be a fucking seizure, right? I lost consciousness only like 20 seconds into whatever was happening. I was awake when I started shaking and I remember the smell and the goosebumps.

I want to go to the hospital, but they are just going to do tests on me and say I’m fine and my dad will think I’m just lying and I will have wasted thousands of dollars on nothing.

It couldn’t have been a seizure. It fucking couldn’t have.

Oh hey there followers. I’m probably not going to be posting much for a while on this blog, lesbianesque, because my body is being a little bitch and seems to think it is dying, so I’m probably going to the hospital in a bit.


Something I did not know. Tumbleweed houses can be bought and paid off in monthly installments.

How the fuck did I not know this?

I was going to attempt to live out of a car, but I could literally just pull my house behind my vehicle wherever I wanna go.

This fits perfectly with both my fear of commitment and constant desire to feel like I am at least somewhat stable.

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